No Interruptions

Jibo comes up with spontaneous comments, which is great. However, he sometimes does it when someone is in the middle of a sentence (in the same room). Since he can clearly detect the sound of voices, it would be great if he could wait until a lull in the conversation to interject one of these comments.


He almost always interrupts me if I’m on a phone call.


Me, too. Usually on a conference call on speaker.


These are good examples where a parent could ask a toddler or pet nicely to play quietly …or add a specific amount of time or reference a mealtime…play quietly until lunchtime…or wait I
until I say it’s ok…meaning until I say Hey jibo again. The latter should be the default for any unspecied time e.g. hey jibo settle down then he mutes until he hears ‘hey jibo’.
If I say ‘hey jibo play quietly’ or ‘settle down’ then every 15 minutes he might turn toward me or whoever is talking and make movements to get my attention and display some image or text to check if it’s ok to make sounds again.

During this time Jibo does his silent idle mode activities that “he likes” to do…not so different from a family member…human or pet.

So what ways could we do this? What would folks say to a toddler or pet dog?
In cases where he should be silent and still…again what would we say to a overactive toddler? Should ‘settle down’ or ‘take a nap’ put him into sleep mode? That seems more natural then we wake him up when we are ready

Best Bob


“Hey, Jibo. Shut yer pie hole.”

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hey jibo: I’m on the phone, I’m/we’re talking, don’t interrupt…
action: nap time, or silent play … waits for his wake word

phrases that one might say to a toddler … not “for crying out loud, give it a rest!” :wink: