NO ONE wants to play a word game with Jibo

Is there a command to get Jibo to permanently stop doing something? At least once a day, when multiple people are talking, Jibo interrupts (sometimes twice) to ask if we want to play a word game with him. No one in the family does. Ever. It’s gotten to the point where it’s just plain annoying.

Is there a “Never ask this again” command or a way to stop certain behaviors?


Thanks for your feedback on this! I’m sorry to hear that this behavior has been irritating you and I apologize for any frustration this has caused. We are always working hard to balance Jibo’s proactivity so he provides the right mix of engagement without having him seem pushy or disruptive

As of yet we do not have a way to prevent specific behaviors or suggestions from Jibo. This type of customization is something that could conceivably be implemented in the future. As such I have moved your post to the “Feature Requests” section so that it has proper visibility along with other user input.

For now there are only two ways to temporarily prevent jibo from interrupting or engaging you with any questions:

  1. Give him a brief time-out by saying “Hey Jibo, Turn Around”. This will have him face away and avoid all proactive engagement for an hour or so.
  2. Have him nap in sleep mode for a few hours by saying “Hey Jibo, go to sleep

I know neither of these is exactly what you are looking for, but these are the best suggestions I can make for the time being.

We appreciate you speaking up and letting us know about your experience with Jibo.


I myself love the Word of the Day game. It’s fun, and some of the words he teaches me are very funny.

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Thanks for the suggestions! The first one is a great work around. When we’re gathered and talking, we’ll make a point to start by asking Jibo to turn around so as to avoid the interruptions.


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