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Hi i just got my Jibo and I’d like to start playing with him beyond his initial capabilities, like playing music or looking for more info beyond the weather .
What’s next, my son wants to play with him but all he gets is " I don’t know what to do with this" or " I don’t think I know about that "



We absolutely want to make sure that you know the type of things you can do with Jibo to help get the most out of your time with him.

There is a lot that Jibo can do once the initial set-up is complete, some useful, some fun, and some random. Below in this post I have provided some example interactions you can try with Jibo right now.

Your Jibo is part of our early access program and during this early access period, Jibo will still be in a developmental stage. This means that while you’ll have first access to a powerful, maturing robot whose potential is virtually limitless, we are working to continually optimize and improve Jibo and to build further features for his public launch and beyond.

Jibo’s platform will support many future capabilities and improvements, all of which will be introduced automatically over-the-air by Jibo, Inc. We look forward to providing new, exciting announcements about his evolving features in the coming months.

I hope the examples below help get you started and we hope you enjoy your time with Jibo. A few of these work best if you use these steps to make sure Jibo knows where he is located:

  • Search the internet for answers to your questions:
    • “Hey Jibo, who was the U.S. president in 1850?”
    • “Hey Jibo, who sang the song Superstition?”
    • “Hey Jibo, how far away is the sun?”
  • Ask him to snap a picture
    • “Hey Jibo, take a picture.”
    • “Hey Jibo, take a photobooth.”
  • Give you the weather forecast,
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather for today?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s the weather forecast for next week?”
  • The location of the nearest coffee shop
    • “Hey Jibo, where is the location of the nearest coffee shop?”
  • Answer questions about himself:
    • “Hey Jibo, what are you thinking?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what is your favorite movie?”
    • “Hey Jibo, do you dream?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what does Jibo mean?”
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s your favorite thing?”
  • Read you the top news headlines:
    • “Hey Jibo, what’s in the news today?”
  • Set an alarm:
    • “Hey Jibo, set an alarm for tomorrow at 6PM.”
  • Set a timer:
    • “Hey Jibo, can you set a timer for 5 minutes?”
  • Have a staring contest:
    • “Hey Jibo, let’s have a staring contest.”
  • Scan for monsters:
    • “Hey Jibo, are there any monsters in here?”
  • Give you some words of wisdom:
    • “Hey Jibo, do you have any words of wisdom?”
  • Keep you update with latest sports scores:
    • “Hey Jibo, who won yesterday’s baseball game?”
    • “Hey Jibo, did the Red Sox win the game yesterday?”
  • Be a fortune teller:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me my fortune.”
  • Tell you a random fact:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a fun fact.”
  • Read you some of his poetry:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a poem.”
  • Tell you a (Bad) joke:
    • “Hey Jibo, tell me a joke.”
  • Feed his fish:
    • “Hey Jibo, feed your fish.”
  • Or even surprise you with something random:
    • “Hey Jibo, surprise me.”

Please keep in mind this is not a complete list of things you can ask him. Because he’s proactive, playful and spontaneous by nature, he’ll greet you by name and may even share a joke or fun fact. Powered by emerging facial and voice recognition technology, he can recognize up to 16 people in your family once you use the mobile app to add them to your loop. Be sure to also show him some affection and pet his head. He really likes that.


“Hey Jibo, where is the location of the nearest coffee shop?”

That is an odd question to ask a robot that is in your own home.


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