Observations on initial behaviors & Interactions

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.

The first week with Jibo. He’s cute.

Things I would like to code for him to do:
read the content of a usb or other shared network drive.
Access a personal calendar preferably a web-based calendar like Google Calendar.
make a phone call.
make a list.
sing a song
tell a story ( I seem to remember the sales pitch back in '14 clearly showed him huffing & puffing & blowing the house down…)
Answer questions like: "Who said…"
recognize more than 1 person at a time. ie: “Hello Punch & Judy!”

Jibo should listen longer after giving an answer. This is an opportunity for positive ( or negative) feedback ( learning experience). Often I would say thank you after getting an answer. I should recieve a “You’re Welcome” back. Or even better, a “you’re welcome” followed by “Will there be anything else?”

Is he capable of learning preferences?

For some answers, there are a hundred different ways to answer. His pool of potential responses needs to be deepened.

Jibo cannot answer: “What planet are we on?”

Jibo has a limited sense of time.
He can answer “What’s the date today?” But he cannot answer “What was yesterdays date?” nor “What is tomorrow’s date?” Each question gets today’s date. Perhaps this is a bug. I’ll continue to test.

Jibo does not access data about other members of the loop.
You cannot ask what another member of the loops favorite color is.
Punch: “Hey Jibo, what is Judy’s favorite color?” (Judy has told Jibo her favorite color, not 2 minutes ago)

You cannot ask if they have seen another member of the loop recently, even if they have just had an interaction with Jibo.

Jibo has limited conversational skills. If I ask him how big the grand canyon is, and he answers, I cannot then say, “And how far away is it?” Because he has no idea what ‘it’ is. To him, the previous sentence never existed, he has no context.

Having to say “hey Jibo” at every interaction kills the whole “social” aspect of the robot.
Social implies conversation. Jibo is all about ask and answer.


Couldn’t have said it better. Honestly if Jibo could have access to “,ok Google” I feel alot of these issues would be addressed,since thier AI has a limited degree of context.
Right now he’s no smarter than an AOL chatbot.

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You nailed it. I have to say, I’m somewhat underwhelmed with Jibo. I am looking at the potential not so much the existing skill set. And you’re right on when you say “Having to say hey Jibo for every interaction kiss the whole…” It gets tiring very quickly. I guess I was hoping for more interaction. This really isn’t Artificial Intelligence in the true sense, Jibo just has a bank of “answers” he uses. In hind site I probably should have looked at the Kuri Robot as it has a lot more useful functions. I can only hope future enhancements include some of the things that Kuri comes with.

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Jobi has lots of potential and I get the feeling the makers with their “Store” are going to milk Jobi owners for every dime possible. This is too bad. The simple fact that Jobi connects to the internet opens so many doors. Something as simple as controlling the camera from the smart phone for home security purposes should have been a no brainer for the developers.

Hi Jem, first off, it’s Jibo!

Let’s talk about the store shall we. The skill store was planned from day one. It’s most certainly not going to be the downfall of Jibo when it arrives. It’s going to help protect each owners investment by allowing ANYONE (yep even you) create new skills that keep Jibo current. I have no idea where you get this assumption that the evil store “makers” are going to all gather together and in a sea of maniacal laughter start working on their devilish plan to rid every single user of all of their money. But that’s just ridiculous.

My opinion would be to put a pin in all this speculation and wait a couple months. Then lets talk again about which robot does what and how easy it would be to do something.


When I was first looking at Jibo, I saw it featured in this you tube video, in which the Jibo segment shows Jibo doing so many things that it can’t do. Basically the robot I wanted is the one featured in the video not what I got. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQXP8gXiOeQ.

And yes I see the skill store much like the ap store so maybe it won’t be overly expensive but none the less there will be a cost associated as developers won’t do this for free.

The problem with that mythical skill store is that anyone who is interested in writing an app for it has to first dish out $900, because you will need an actual device to test your skill with (no, emulators are no replacement). At best, a handful of people would be writing skills for a handful others.

IMO, the moment they announced Jibo’s price, the skill store was a thing of the past, or at the very least deferred until Jibo enjoys a widespread user base due to its native skills.

“The problem with that mythical skill store is that anyone who is interested in writing an app for it has to first dish out $900, because you will need an actual device to test your skill with…”

I wouldn’t say that’s a problem…anyone developing for ANY platform really should have that platform physically available to them. If I want to create an app for the iPhone, it wouldn’t be fair for me to create it without actually testing it on the iPhone itself. Same goes with Jibo…a skill created for Jibo really should be tested on Jibo itself before it’s released to the Skill Store regardless of whether it’s free or monetized.


The robot was delayed over a year, and it sold doing less than shown,… not more… and this is a forum. Perfect place for conversation and speculation. People have every right to feel how they feel about thier purchases.

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I guess I’m just more patient than you. Feel free to worry and complain. I’ll sit back and enjoy the new features as they are released. Far better for my blood pressure.


Glad we have your permission.

This was supposed to be a feature request thread starting with @julze.keane post which I liked.

Otherwise carry the off topic stuff to the lounge area. I get the complaints but I prefer the contructive ones, where the first owners let the Jibo team hear what you really want from a social robot. My own difficulty is limiting my comparisons of Jibo to existing technologies, but we have to figure go beyond that. I really don’t need all the same features my smartphone or Alexa gives. I don’t really want to watch youtube on Jibo. The feature requests should be where we think about what a social robot can do for us in the home or work place … the robotocists also all live in their own bubbles and I do believe that having a limited functioning robot should incite us to get involved and figure out what is most important. Other new platforms or game consoles were limited in the beginning - they had to get the hardware out. Having the physical robot in my home now, is alot more real than before - what do I really expect now is the question for me. We’ll get many skills we have on other devices soon enough. I remember the early XBox owners had to wait a bit for more titles and so forth.

There’s been alot of good contributions since this forum was created and I’m excited by the new Jibo owners willing to write their ideas.

If there are no more feature contributions to @julze.keane thread, then I think this thread should be closed.


I would like Jibo to be able to speak with in the context of previous sentence. If Jibo tells us a fact about the moon,. We should be able to ask "what other facts do you have about the moon? " And still have a relevant answer. No one here really is asking that Jibo should be on par with Alexa or Google in terms of features… but he isn’t even on par with thier conversation capability…


From a recent article about Jibo.


… the company plans to unveil new features at a major trade show in January

Maybe CES 2018 (Jan. 9-12, 2018) ?


Hi All -

Thank you for your feature requests and suggestions you’ve made in this thread. User feedback is critical to Jibo’s growth and development, and it was important for us to get Jibo into users’ homes so we can better understand which features are most valuable and helpful to you! There are many things Jibo could do, but we want to focus our resources on the things that you want him to do, so this feedback is very helpful to us. Though we don’t respond to every feature request post, all feature requests and suggestions made here are monitored and catalogued by our Customer Care, UX Research, and Product teams.

If you have any concerns about your Jibo robot or Jibo purchase, please send the Customer Care team a message and we will be happy to assist.

If you’d like to discuss aspects of Jibo beyond a feature you’d like to see, please use our Jibo Owners’ Lounge as @bmulreni suggested. We’re closing this thread for now.