Orbiting Jibo Eye animation

I thought it would be neat to animate Jibo’s eye as if in orbit. I thought it could be used when Jibo was thinking, or as a visible countdown, such as this 3 second countdown gif. It’s an off center ellipse that completes a rotation every second. With the formulas in excel you can also shrink the size appropriately. I haven’t figured out how to get it to orbit around an object, but I adding in the camera eye for reference. I also added color, blue is in closer to the viewer and larger. The gif is choppier than the actual Jibo viewer.

If anyone can make use of it, feel free. I had to type the last 3 columns in manually for 30 frames, I’m not sure if there was a better way. I’m just playing around.


@Timothy, how are you using the values to do the animation? Do you have any code sample you could share?

I expect you could orbit around an object by adding a fixed x,y offset based on the position of the center of the object. I’m sure there’s a way to vary the radius of the orbit in the formula, too, but I’ll have to inspect it more closely for that.

@chris From Frame 0-29, I manually typed in the Scale value twice, and the 2 translate values from the last 3 columns. No code, other than the Excel formulas. If you type in the formulas shown on a spreadsheet you can adjust the x/y ratio of the ellipse currently at 4/1, the size of the eye from the 20% I used, as well as change the relative size of the eye from front/back where I out 2/1. To get the fading from blue in front to white in the back, I had to set up 3 points in the eye texture, blue at 0, white at 14, blue at 29…

From my standpoint, typing this in 30 frames was easier than setting up 4 positions and trying to get the tween to resemble an orbit. If someone with coding experience that I don’t have wants to write something that could adjust those values in the SDK without retyping, I’d be happy to try it out.

Ah, I see. You said that in your first post, I just misinterpreted what I was reading.

There should be a way to calculate it dynamically so you can let the computer do the work. I’ll hack at it over the weekend, unless someone else beats me to it. I think it would be a handy thing for many of us to have in our tool boxes. :smile:

@Timothy and anyone else who is interested…I’ve posted a demo at https://github.com/chrooke/jibo-eye-orbit/tree/real-time that does the orbiting programmatically so you don’t have to type everything in.

A caveat: This is not using the Animation Editor, so it’s not adjusting the eye texture to make things blue. It’s possible this could be coordinated with a texture change using animation events to start an animation that changes the texture, that would then start an event that would do the orbiting. I haven’t played with this, so lay on, anyone else that feels inspired!