Original audio clips

I just noticed that many of the short audio clips Jibo showcased in his original marketing promo video are absent from the available audio files in the SDK. They include a whole set of acknowledgement clips, giggles, and unique but very effective sounds that fit very well with short animations.

Will these ever be available in the SDK? If not, would the Jibo team have any issue with developers extracting and using them from the original video?



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Hi Michael,

The exact audio clips from the promo video will not be in the SDK but our team is working on some official Jibo audio assets that will be available in the SDK in the near future. These will include audio assets that will have purposes similar to what you mentioned, things like acknowledgment, emotion and we expect they will be, as you said, unique and effective.

My recommendation would be to utilize those when they become available.

I hope that is helpful!


Thanks, John. That sounds great! I’ll just use some placeholders in the meantime and swap them out when those new audio assets become available.

A quick follow-up: Now that the Jibo Sound Localization Testing video is out, I believe we’re getting a taste of what these new audio assets will be. They have a distinct R2-D2 sound to them with all the bleeps and whistles…very cool. This would definitely make a good addition to Jibo’s personality.