Peek-a-boo! skill


Inspired by michael in Jibo, Look Away, I wrote a peek-a-boo skill for the kiddies. Offered here for comment, play, or example.

You’ll find it at

Thanks, michael, for the inspiration! This was fun way to kill a Sunday evening.


Great job, Chris. I played around with your new skill for a bit and it was very cute. I pumped up the turned_max_wait setting to about 20 seconds to get it to feel more interactive. Lots of fun and a great start to a nice little Jibo game!


I didn’t really play much with the timing settings. That’s why I stuck them in variables to make them a little easier to tweak - I figure they’ll need tweaking. Thanks for trying some other values.


@chris Peek-a-boo was the first skill I wanted to build, dangit. I figured all my simple ideas would be done before getting late SDK access. Oh well, now I need to think of more complicated things. I’ll probably build my own without looking at your code just to compare, but can’t wait to try yours.


@Timothy Absolutely do your own! I’m sure lots of us will have different takes on the basic idea, and it’s a good learning experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


Hi Chris i am getting a zip error when i download it. Tried a few times just in case it was a download issue.


Weird. It should be downloadable - it’s not private. I just downloaded it and it worked, but I don’t know if that tells us much, since I’m the repo owner. What’s the error?


Compressed file folder error. opened it from the download and just moved the files over.


I was able to download and run the skill with no problem, so the issue you’re running into more than likely has to do with the unzipping process than the files themselves. If you can tell us the app you’re using to unzip the archive and the exact error (verbatim), that will probably narrow down the cause enough to get it fixed.


Sad to say this but what ever comes with win 10 as i have not loaded win-zip or anything else since my change.


Try PeaZip and see if you still get an error. If so, please let us know the exact error (verbatim) so we can try and help further.


No error this time Michael… :slight_smile:


Updated for SDK 1.3.4.

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