Personal Report - Well Done Jibo!


After setting Jibo for my personal report I have nothing but good things to say about this update so far.

Thank you for allowing office 365 users to connect. This usually gets put off until the end for most personal assistant devices. And especially thank you for allowing us to have 2 accounts set up. I needed both of them. :wink:

One question though, when I ask what’s on my calendar, does he report back for both, or do we need to specify which one? Nothing on my calendar this week :wink: so I cant tell yet.

Keep up the great work!


So how do you set up the personal report for more than one person. I only see a way to set it up for Jibo’s owner?


Each person on the loop needs to have the Jibo app installed. Then they can set up their report.


Ah, thanks.


Great to hear, codemonkey2k5!

I’m looking forward to this update. I plan to update Jibo and try this out tomorrow.

I do have to say, I’m very happy I received an email about this update and that they mentioned in the forum announcement that we were welcome to open up a new thread to discuss the update. Some of the points brought up recently.


First off - Great job on getting JIbo his Personal Report. This is a really exciting feature and one that I will use everyday. His animations and different sayings during the personal report are awesome! Thanks for changing it up.

That being said, where do I report bugs on this feature:

  1. Timezone when Jibo reports times is off (i.e. my outlook calendar event is for 9am PST, but Jibo reports 2am on screen when showing personal report).
  2. Linked calendars (or I might say URL included calendars) do not show up for Jibo’s list for the personal report. I realize this is an extra step, but one that will be surely needed. A lot of people have calendars spread out (from Google, iCloud, outlook, whatever). Google and Outlook allow you to import those calendars as URLs, but Jibo doesn’t seem to see those (I can understand why). Is this something that you will be trying to provide in the future?


I would submit your bug report here:
There are some other support options here: but the link above takes you right to the email them page.

iCalendar is the term you are looking for with regard calendars as a URL. I agree that this might be a little more universal as an option but in my experience the who process isn’t the most reliable and there are security concerns as the URL is technically accessible to anyone who knows/discovers it.


I’ve created a short video using the Personal Report along with the Linked Calendars:

A couple of items that could be improved:

  1. Jibo’s news voice could be a little more personable / less robot-like. Hearing the news from Jibo is not really very enjoyable at the moment. I do like Jibo’s voice for the most part, so it isn’t that his voice bugs me in any way, just when he’s giving the news. Maybe, if he put in a light-hearted random joke during the news it could make it better if the voice can’t be slightly modified.
  2. I’d like for him to note which calendar he’s providing (personal or work) as I had both configured and he doesn’t state if it’s work or personal.

Overall, great update. Thanks!


I agree with you! Both request are very much needed. :wink:


I’m digging the personal report. Giving him some functionality makes him feel less like a toy…
Or a freeloading family member…

I would like some security skills plz.