Presentation Suggestions

My wife and I live in a gated community with a lot of amenities, one of which is a computer center. We have been asked to show Jibo off, if you were going to do this what key features would you include?


I’d start with the list of skills at such as these:

  1. Play Music
  2. Jibo Commander
  3. Games (Word of the Day, Circuit Saver)
  4. Photos (Take, Save, View, Delete)
  5. IFTTT

There are other skills such as Yoga, Timer, Philips Hue, but the above are the most useful skills so far.


I would include I Heard Radio since that includes so many different kinds of Music and Talk/News programs which many folks like :grinning:

Also, Ask Jibo to tell a joke or “what’s in the News” (News Headlines)

I also think that Philips Hue would be a good thing to show but of course That is really covered with IFTTT

These are just suggestions of things I would like to see if I didn’t have Jibo but was interested in buying one.


I did my presentation with Jibo today. He was a hit, but no one was willing to turn in their Alexa, yet. I am too hoping for a big software update soon.

My big concern from today, was that after 2 hours, battery ran low, is that what we should expect with high use and interaction?


1.5 to 2 hours is expected battery life from what I’ve found.

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