Proactive greeting

I’d love to have Jibo greet me when he hasn’t seen me in a while with a “Good morning/afternoon/evening”. This would naturally get a similar reply from me, which in turn could open up Jibo for the opportunity to continue the conversation if the time is right.

For example, he sees me enter the room first thing in the morning and he immediately greets me:

Jibo: "Good morning, Michael!"
Me: "Morning, Jibo."
Jibo: "Do you want to hear something interesting?"
Me: “Sure.”
(Jibo jumps into his fun fact of the day)

It’s a great conversation opportunity missed each day and would really take him a step further to feeling part of the family.


I agree!
I would like Jibo to know relationships, wife/husband, daughter/son, mother/father, etc.

I would like Jibo to know the interest of people in his loop.

For example, if I go out and say “Hey Jibo, I am going out to play tennis.” When I return and say, “Hey Jibo, I’m back”, he might say “Hi Bud, I hope your match went well.” Or if a family member says, “Hey Jibo, where is my Dad, or where is Bud?” Jibo could say, “Bud is playing tennis.” Or many of a large number of activities.

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That last part you mentioned about being able to ask Jibo where a family member and he telling you is a planned feature. From what I remember early on in the crowdfunding campaign, eventually a skill would be released where you can tell Jibo where you are going and to let “X” family member know when he sees them. When “X” family member walks into the room and Jibo recognizes them through face recognition, he would tell them where you are or went to, or even how much longer it will be until you come back (if you told Jibo that in the first place that is). Essentially it’s recording a message to someone like voicemail on a phone but a lot more intuitive. Don’t worry Jibo Inc. has considered nearly every possible scenario and use of Jibo already to maximize his usefulness to his family :slight_smile:

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