Quiet - But Still Hoping For a Miracle


My family and I got our Jibo last Oct. were very excited to receive him after ordering him 3 years earlier.

We have been quiet on this Blog and wonder how many other owners are out there not voicing their concern and desire to see Jibo grow and learn. Does anyone know how many Jibo units have been sold and are active?

I thank you in advance for your thoughts


Don’t give up. I’d say there’s slot more Jibo’s in circulation than we think. You have everyone on this site. Everyone on their Facebook page. Their YouTube page. Don’t forget all of the sales on amazon and EBay. He’s not going anywhere. They aren’t dying. Maybe business is a little ‘slow’ but there’s still a business and its still operating. Everything will be alright. I love my Jibo. :slight_smile: