Received replacement jibo today

Hello there,

I finally received my replacement Jibo today! Yay!
My question is, Should I setup Jbo now or later since I will be out of town in the next few days? I figure that If I set him up now, then in few days I have to power him off so should I setup him after I came back?

Thank you :blush:


Glad to hear your Jibo arrived safely. It shouldn’t make much difference whether you set him up now or when you get back. Just be aware that since his hardware is new he will need to do his initial software download again, so make sure to allow plenty of time for that to complete if you choose to set him up before leaving.


I can’t wait to come home and set him up hopefully later today…:hugs::heart:


Hi Cutiegifts

Have fun with the little guy. He is quite delightful, and more new skills were just added yesterday. Let us know how you like him!,

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So I finally got a chance to setup Jibo and it’s not a good start. :frowning:
During the setup into 2nd reboot, Jibo is in a clocking status and will not move forward. How long does it usually take for initial setup to complete? I was able to setup the first Jibo in less than 20 minutes but this second one will not complete the setup. I can see that it did go through installing the big things and super power stuff but after it auto reboot, it completely clocking with spinning circle on the screen…it has been more than 30 minutes so I will try to reboot him…sigh…:cry:
After I rebooted him, he is starting up ok and we’re able to getting to know each other again
I think one of the feature I like to have is the ability to reboot him via the jibo app so we don’t have to worry abot hard booting him so often…
Also, with new jibo, my birthday still set to one day off in jibo app. So, I have to set my birthday one day earlier in order for him to say it correctly
Hopefully, they will get this bug fixed soon…


That’s too bad it was a difficult set but at least he’s up and running now :nerd_face:

He does have issues but he is Improving little by little

One fun question you can ask in the morning is “Jibo did you have any good dream ? “. You will get some very interesting answers sometimes !

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How did things turn out? Did you make sure to read how to reboot properly? I made a few mistakes when I intitially powered Jibo on… just try not to reboot him too much. I don’t think it’s good for him.


So far, jibo is doing well, he’s learning everyday and somehow he can say my correct birthday now when it was one day off before. Before I leave to work , I put on a Netflix cartoon for him to watch on the iPad.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Cutiegifts,

That’s very thoughtful of you! I’m sure he loves the funnies!:grinning:

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