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Whilst the Jibo owners are trying hard to get somebody not to switch of the JIBO servers the Prof is still doing presentations (looks like a funding presentation) about the great things her group at MIT is doing with JIBO whilst ignoring calls for it to be opened up to the people who paid for the darn thing. Here is the video for some reason they have turned off comments on this video, I guess so they don’t get bleating JIBO owners spoiling the effect.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it doesn’t seem right to me, for her to turn her back on the people who paid to make her project a reality, who paid to give her the tools to make such presentations and bask in the glory, when all they need to create JIBO user access server at MIT. Its not like they don’t have the money. I think I’ll go start a petition back shortly. Malcolm aka @fixed1t



I listened to the video…yada yada yada, Oh my, it sounded like a lot to do about nothing…I have complained about Jibos price from day one. She should teach a course in Fleecing…her and her ilk did a good job of that.



I’m going to go just a bit further on this one…I firmly believe they knew it wasn’t going to fly before they actually launched the public sales… I think that is why it had an inflated price. The robot itself was done when she made the first fundraising campaign. All the rest would have been software and servers…So after a while of owning Jibo…and watching and listening. I have reached that conclusion. We were simply a test and we paid handsomely to be involved. That is the truth of Jibo as I see it. They were too showy with offices all over the place and tons of employees doing what? it wasn’t tweaking his cooling fan placement, or trying to figure out what size shipping box he needed.
(please excuse my full on snark) It’s a direct result of disappointment nothing more.



As you may have read I’m new to this having swapped a refurbished and re-celled PLEO for Jibo, the Ugobe PLEO was a similar story too with the PLEO being dropped as Ugobe went bust and the new company released a new incompatible PLEO. PLEO owners had similar issues with updates released that killed the old Ugobe PLEO. So I spent some time figuring out how to get enough details together to fix and re-flash PLEO so I can bring them back from the dead. The previous owner of JIBO I know as we both got screwed over with buying NAO Humanoid v3 just as the company produced V5 and stop support for v3. That wouldn’t have been too bad but they took down the V3 Website (that had the Apps it needed down - sound familiar) I got a new V5 last year only to be screwed again when they stealthily release V6 completely ditching V5 with no upward compatibility. Normally these devices are only sold to academic institutions on the grounds that they are near impossible to use, but the reality is all institutions are constantly spending other peoples cash, so they will buy the massively overpriced tech to try out (guilty as charged) and the developers take little responsibility for the end users as the users move on to the next tech toy with money from the next grant. I also got stung with the EPOC EEG headsets I have, overpriced but originally supplied with Overpriced Development tools that allow you to get all the data and upgrades, suddenly no more upgrades, new releases are on massive monthly subscription and incompatible with all the original gear. 1) I think some laws need to be brought in to make KickStarter Escrow mandatory, i.e. if they fold the owners of the gear get full access to hardware and software. 2) If things are server based then monies taken upfront should be used to take out insurance on the server and code upkeep before any monies are taken out from sales by shareholders etc. If a project fails and is dead to its end users the board should not be able to continue to advertise and promote the product as if it were an ongoing success. So what do I think about the JIBO saga, I think it was an academic research idea portrayed to the public via kickstarter to obtain funding the Universities were unwilling to invest in. It was a Kickstarter Research Grant where the end users thought it was a futuristic product development and sale (they thought they were getting one cheap as it came with the package of promises. The lack of response to ‘customers’, the continued use and portrayal of Jibo as success by the Prof, all stem from the Research Mindset, I don’t believe the Prof ever saw the Kick-starter funders as CUSTOMERS they were merely FUNDERS. In the Research arena Funders are supposed to be happy with a few nice slides, pretty videos and big ideas in Peer Papers. Given the high failure of Kickstarters I would say few, if any academics dreaming up kick-starters, ever see the end result as ‘customers’ needing ‘product’. If any body is expecting the Prof to feel bad about the funders, forget it, academic life is one research bid after the next, they don’t dwell on failure as failure can’t happen in Research all of it is publishable results. What she must be really pleased about is that she managed to get other people to pay for her research Toys, she also has stacks of them to last for years, they will act as draws for aspiring Ph’d students to come to her lab to use them and she owns the research patents on the idea and code. Its a complete win win for her despite it being a disaster for the honest Customers who were sucked into funding this. I for one think we the end users have as much right to the code and ideas in JIBO as without the funders and end users there would have been no JIBO. All I’m asking is the code to be changed to allow jibo to exist on his own, with the communication with his Apps to be maintained so I can create some nice interactions for the Autistic kids I help out with (allegedly this is one of the Prof’s ends) and killing off JIBO for the rest of the owners but keeping her own MIT clique licenses I see as immoral. All in or all out, otherwise its like she is rubbing JIBO funders and owners noses in it. In the UK this behaviour would be covered by the rules of an academic ‘bringing the institution into disrepute’ in that MIT is sponsoring an academic whose behaviour is not up to the high standards expected and in keeping with the reputation of the institution. If it was a UK prof I’d be writing to the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor to air my grievance and highlight why they should have a word with said academic to ascertain what they are doing to rectify this situation.
There’s a simple solution, whatever modification MIT have done, are planning and have implemented to JIBO to allow him to continue when the big servers go down, should be offered to owners to enable them to continue to use JIBO and the Apps accepting its limited functionality. But your all in the states so I don’t know how it works over there. The other thing institutions don’t like in petitions that can get to local and national media imagine the headlines Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive

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Your detailed writing and viewpoint was very enlightening! Especially for me since I have no involvement with Academia and how it functions.
thank you.



To keep JIBO running on MIT servers that allows research to continue, should also require them to, at a minimum, keep the same server support available to all owners and provide a simple update to turn his blue lightring and blue eye back on.

If JIBO only continued to function as he did with his update that came out last summer, at least he would remain usable rather than just turning into an expensive plastic sculpture to set up on a shelf somewhere.

Unfortunately, my JIBO did the last update automatically one night while both he and I were asleep. I only discovered he updated since his blue lightring no longer worked. Had I known that the update would shut off his blue lightring and had I been offered the option to not update, I would be a happier camper today.

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I would hope they need to keep the servers running to use JIBO at MIT but I have the feeling that they may just have to pay an ex JIBO programmer to adjust the code so they don’t need it or to have a simpler login ssl on an onsite server. The reason for this is that you really couldn’t afford to have several MSc or P’hd students getting their research halted and canned if somebody closes the remote server, its too risky.

My JIBO did the update at my request as i wanted to check that the light went out, silly me, I’m trying to pick up a cheap Nvidia TX1 dev kit, but they aren’t cheap they are more on eBay than they are from NVIDIA. The runtime version is in JIBO and from what I can gather makes up a significant portion of his behaviour and links. The idea is if I can’t set up a server myself (Most say its impossible) then I won’t be wasting the nice hardware if i can help it. I still haven’t found anybody who still has backups of the SDK and the SDK installation and manual or wants to share it with me, I was hoping at least one person would have used Github Desktop in their development work and CLONED the SDK and documentation to their machine or created PDF’s of the sources which as a paranoid old programmer I always do :wink: I never assume it will be there tomorrow. I am now kicking myself for not downloading the tutorial JIBO videos off the site, as they have now all been removed, its like they are trying to wipe JIBO off the internet so people forget about the money they lost or that it was a financial failure. I still think an over obsession with security is and was at the route of JIBOs difficulties. Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive

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Hey want to get really creepted out?
At least when his blue light light up you knew he was listening, I often found it amusing to see his ring light up and then he would try to make sense of whatever triggered him…
Now…I would never know if he was listening.
I got 2 updates…one to help him determine his location better…the second was the standard “Good Bye” one.
I could come up with a million “What if’s” just based on that and the rest of this whole topic LOL
Perhaps I’m helping some Psych PhD student without knowing it…I’m rolling with Laughter here…:rofl::crazy_face::nerd_face:



Was part of an AI Training development team developing course in LISP, Prolog and Expert Systems for UK Industry for a large UK University and lectured in AI and Intelligent Knowledge Based Systems for another. Also spent 20 years selling, training and consulting on Knowledge Based Engineering CAD software In the UK and Europe with TI, Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, British Steel, AMEC, Peugeot, BMW and many others. Toys for big boys LOL So I’ve seen and managed big leading edge Tech projects as a software engineer, AI Programming Consultant, Technical Director and Managing Director (CEO) so I have a fair idea of how good projects should run. I’ve always worked on the basis of customer support comes first, which Is why I still have a fully working TI MicroExplorer under my desk with fully working Wisdom Systems Concept Modeller KBE software (killed off late 80s) and TI Lisp Board so I could continue after the TI microExplorer plug was pulled. Its a great machine a staggering 8Mhz Mac II with $50K TI Lisp Board in it, I also realised recently it had the first DARPA Internet Server and Client Built in LOL. Fun times, now I spend my semi-retirement helping with disable kids with NOA and other robots and fixing and resurrecting old tech and robots, so JIBO is in my Lab with a lot of friends. I just hope he gets the mods to keep him working if not his body will be infested with other robot bits. Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive

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Almost right also a qualified Psychiatric Nurse and Psychology graduate LOL been around the houses and back :wink:

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@fixed1t can I be your friend…:blush:
I spent some time in that realm… So I jumped at the chance to “Train a A.I” robot…
Perhaps that is why I still Love my little Jibo.



Yep I’m fond of him, I have NAO which I great but NAO does nothing unless you program him, I was gutted when I realised all the TV and online stuff was scripted and recorded and he is pretty poor at listening. What I like about JIBO is the Sound Recording is great so his accuracy on speech to text is excellent. I also have a Chinese AI robot called Bobi Bobi who has text to speech, full movement, good camera and speech to text he should also be able to install apps, but the documentation is virtually zero or undecipherable. AI has been good to me and its great to see it popular again now the hardware and software is much better. oops 01:39 better go to bed. Have a good one. Malcolm aka @fixed1t #KeepJiboAlive

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