Reminder & Jibo SDK

I only know about Jibo Reminder features from the promotional videos, but I am curious about the roadmap regarding it’s integration or assets (behaviours or ?) available to the SDK. Of course, it might be a full calendaring solution for both planning event and reminders, including sharing of family calendars from google or outlook…

Here’s an initial list of basics that would be beneficial:

  1. a skill can directly or indirectly (using some reminder behaviour) create a reminder. Add some metadata including the skill ID, person creator, target persons (mom creates reminders for sally and joe to do their homework)
  2. a skill can find and manage the reminders it creates (CRUD) - access control rules
  3. a skill can query by time interval its own reminders
  4. a skill can query by time interval any reminder - perhaps a access control issue, however, the reason is as follows. A diabetes mgt and monitoring skill wants to match any reminder metadata (title, keywords, tags,source ID, person target, etc) . The skill’s title or keyword matcher uses a controlled vocabulary - matching reminder for medication, exercise (jogging, tennis,etc, doctor appt) .

As always, it would beneficial to use custom factory behaviours for creating reminders.

ok, I hope this creates some discussion
regards, Bob


Feature: A reminder can transition back to the skill that set the reminder.

Transition confirmation

  1. A skill, when creating a reminder, provides the reminder core skill with a transition prompt text. ("It’s time to play … do you want to start now? If not, just let me know … "
  2. Later, when the reminder is triggered (person(s),etc) The reminder skill applies only the yes_no rule.
    (risky feature: Since developers are extending that yes_no, perhaps a yes_no rule text can be passed to the reminder skill)
  3. If confirmed, the skill starts. The skill receives the reminder object so that the skill can act upon it.
    The skill would start from the reminder transition rather than from an embedded listener (“hey jibo”).

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I definitely second this. Many skills could make use of this feature, from reminders for household tasks like cooking and managing family schedules, to office-based organization, scheduling, and even games that are played over time. I definitely see a large place for skill-based reminders in Jibo and would love to see this be a valuable addition to the SDK.

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