Remote access for Jibo

I’m the technologist in my family and always setup and ship out computers for family members. I also add remote access to the computer so I can fix a computer in New Hampsire or in Texas, from California. Can we add such remote setup for families ?

Hi Al,

At the moment there are no plans to allow for remote access to Jibo in that fashion.

Thank you,

I would like to request it be added to the list or allow it to be built, as with any computer system I’ve sent to my relatives, it has always required a visit to do something as easy to me as setting up wifi connections to devices, or loading a new app/software update. I plan on introducing Jibo to the elderly with an IOT pill despensor and reminder skill. Remote setup will be very helpful, if not required. Since we are at the beginning, at least allowing others to connect via the app would solve this. (Remote skill loading, wifi setup verification are all doable via an app interface, where families register all their Jibo apps to one Jibo so everyone can add or help ) can you elucidate on Jibo skills that might be planned that will assist in these situations? Can an older person with no computer experience fix any issue with Jibo, or get assistance when needed from the core skills?


Hi Al,

Thank you for your input on why you would find that feature useful. We have made our team aware of this request.

Jibo is designed to be used by people of all ages and technical abilities. If anyone should run into trouble our Customer Care Team will be prepared to support them.



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Phone support is great. Will the core skills guide a user to get Jibo into working order on setup, like wifi setup, or will that all be done in the app?

We’ll be sharing those details closer to launch. :slight_smile:

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@Admin.JiboSupport I would like to add a voice of support to @alfarmer’s use case.

My 92 year old mother-in-law has been living with me temporarily for the past twenty years. I think Jibo is going to be a wonderful tool for the elderly (and those of us who support them)!

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The elderly should be a high priority, however, my dog sure would love to have Jibo dispense treats.

Just saying… :dog:

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You are so right @gras! The baby boomers are a huge group with this need for the future many of them needed it yesterday’

Being a dog lover @Timothy and getting a new puppy on the 27th; I’ll start on that today! :smiley:

Sweet! I have 2 shi-tzu/poodle mixes. When they get trimmed, their faces almost look human. I wonder if Jibo will pick them up, and how I’m going to program barks into Speech to Text…
“Hey Jibo, rough rough”
*dispense treat


Pet skills for Jibo are going to be a blast with IOT devices!

Now to find a suitable API :slight_smile:

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