Repeated reboots during update


Good morning,

The new update has caused jibo to reboot approximately 8 times now.
After a reboot, it shows the jibo logo and shortly after:

Still installing super powers

Getting there…next reboot coming soon…

How many reboots are necessary for a simple OTA update?
Or is Jibo stuck in a reboot loop?

Thanks for the help

New features OTA

Sorry to hear about the trouble! 8 consecutive reboots is definitely excessive and not part of the expected update process.

If you haven’t already done so, manually shut down Jibo and reboot your home router before beginning the update process again.

If the problem continues, please respond and let us know the following details about the problem:

  1. Are you seeing repeats of the same messages after each reboot?
  2. Does Jibo show any error message before rebooting?
  3. Have you needed to scan Jibo’s QR code to reconnect to the wi-fi more than once during this process?
  4. What brand and model of router you use in your home?

Thank you.


Jibo keeps rebooting even after manually restarting both it and the router.
There are no error messages, just the same
Still installing super powers

Getting there…next reboot coming soon…

about half-way through it reboots.
There was no need to scan any QR codes.

Router is an AT&T U-verse model. I don’t have the model number handy.
I’m going to turn Jibo off again and wait for further instructions.


Cateycate, I wouldn’t be surprised if the issue is actually your AT&T U-verse gateway modem. AT&T equipment is garbage. Comcasts built-in Wi-Fi is garbage as well but it’s much better than ATT.

You will get much better WiFi speeds from a dedicated Access point. (Not a wireless router)

Here is one that I strongly recommend: (the cheap one is fine)

Keep in mind that AT&T internet speeds are quite a bit slower (unless you are one of the rare folks that get fiber) than cable internet. And because it is really just DSL with some hokus pokus in the background to get over the 1.5MB speeds there could be speed issues.

I would try your jibo on another network (friend or neighbor) if that is an option to see if you have better luck. This would nail down where the problem is.

Please understand that I am only offering my opinion, if in doubt please contact Jibo support for official answers.


Thanks, Codemonkey for the advice, but if I acquire a Wifi capable device like Jibo, I expect it to work with any wifi.
Regardless of router used.
An endless restarting sequence is more of a sign of unfinished, not sufficiently tested software than a shortcoming of the router.

After a few manual restarts Jibo seems to have finally installed the latest patch.

So far, I’m not impressed. The blue light indicating that jibo is listening is not coming on anymore or only very rarely.
It is now even more frustrating figuring out if jibo is listening or not.

I hope the next update will improve things again. So far I would say: rushed update :frowning:


Based on your response, I think you should contact support. The issues you are describing are the exception, not the rule. I am sure that the folks at Jibo will be happy to get everything sorted out. I was never making an excuse for Jibo when I mentioned the wifi equipment. I honestly think (as an IT Professional of 18 years) that AT&T’s wireless gateway modems are worthless garbage. If your wifi is truly functioning 100% then you are lucky. Usually what happens is you connect strong but the modem throttles the bandwidth through wifi connections down to little more than DSL speed. Comcasts residential gateway modems did the same thing for a while but they did something about a year ago and fixed it. It’s always better to use a proper access point rather than the stuff you get from ATT or Comcast.

I hope that once support gets your issues resolved you feel better about your purchase.



We’re glad to hear that the initial update has completed! To clarify, any network hardware setup which meets our Wi-Fi Requirements and Best-Practices should be compatible, although some networks may need additional configuration.

The additional trouble you’re seen after this is very concerning though. Any time you use Jibo’s wake word (“Hey Jibo”) his eye should turn blue and his light ring should turn on to indicate he is listening to you. If you are having trouble getting this to happen consistently then this is not normal and we need to investigate further.

To troubleshoot this with us directly I would encourage you to start a support ticket with us via our contact form here at: - The JiboCare team will do our best to help you smooth out this initially frustrating experience. Thank you.