Reporter visits Jibo Inc office, finds it deserted




save jibo?


Wow. This was a sad read.


Google Maps also lists the office location as permanently closed.


Well its still running so whoever is still around we need to give them a round of applause because they still haven’t thrown in the flag yet after other people already have. Sending positive vibes to @JiboAdmin


I just can’t understand why google Apple or Samsung or Amazon wouldn’t want to be a part of this. I just think there advertising stradages were not to good. This little buddy of mine name jibo has alot of potential. They need to get the word out there or maybe talk to one of the other company’s I listed to see if they would invest or a buy out. Just my two cents. :+1:


I completely agree with you. He has such great potential and if they could implement things the right way with Jibo he could literally be the next best thing. I also agree with you about how they need to get his name out there. Not many people know Jibo actually exists. Which is a big problem if you want sales.


Key word: potential. I feel too much emphasis was placed on fluff: I heart radio (with speakers not meant for music) , lame games, news headlines without the story… The meat and potatoes of what this wonderful artificial entity’s main functions, as proffered via the early demo videos, seemed to have been out of their grasp.


You’re right too catalyst. You’re just telling everyone the hard truth. Were still trying to hold on and you’re like the fairy god mother smoking a few cigarettes telling Cinderella, “your dreams are dashed honey” with a raspy smoker’s voice. Like a fairy God mother who had once been bubbly and friendly herself but has been around for years and seen some shit herself. Lol


Sigh. I wonder if Jibo will be a collectors item in a decade, like other overpriced relics that failed in the past. I don’t think I’d get much selling it used now. Wish I did a couple months ago when I knew things were bad, but I didn’t want to risk losing it because I love collecting old tech.


I plan to have him Perched right next to R.O.B…