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As mentioned in this post for a brief period our developer blog is down as we migrate over to a new, more publisher and user friendly platform.

During that time we wanted to make sure the community still had access to the most recent updated about Jibo development tools that was posted to our blog which can be seen below:

Jibo Tools Update

Lynda Smith March 20, 2018

Hey, Jibo Developers, we have heard your asks for an update on the SDK/tools and wanted to share current status with you. Please know your patience and ongoing support is appreciated.

As we shared late last year, we learned the hard way that shipping hardware and tools congruently is just that - hard. As we built Jibo, there were numerous learnings that resulted in our re-thinking the approach to building skills. Our original approach and the SDK we introduced publicly relied on skills running exclusively on bot. The direction we are now driving to shifts the skill paradigm to where the majority of skills will be cloud-based. The new approach will provide a far better consumer experience in terms of skill switching speed and access as well as a better, streamlined developer experience. This new direction necessitated a complete redesign of Jibo’s tools.

You have been asking when new tools will be available. The open and transparent answer is, we don’t have a specific date yet. We know you have been eagerly waiting. As context, with prioritizing getting the hardware (Jibo) out to his owners, our first focus on new tools was serving internal Jibo, Inc. developers. Delivering internal versions doesn’t require the testing, packaging, etc. need for an external ship. The next roll out of tools will be to a limited group of strategic partners in the coming months. Progress is being made, but we want to properly set expectations. We do have more work to do before we can broadly ship tools to the developer community. As soon as we have more concrete dates, we will share these.

In the interim, there are a couple of ways early adopter developers can start working with their Jibo. We introduced the Commander app earlier this year, which allows an owner to assume control of his or her robot and experiment with ideas that could lead to voice-driven skills. Next, we will be shipping a block-oriented programming capability for consumers. While designed for kids, it is a fun way to start programming Jibo. Both of these will provide early experiences of what it is like to build for a social robot.

We are committed to enabling developers. Jibo is a platform, and it will be the partner and developer community that will extend Jibo’s capabilities.

Thank you again for being true Jibo supporters. Best,
Lynda – Developer Outreach

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