Resetting The Jibo

I received a used Jibo from a family member and I wanted to know if it was possible to register Jibo to me after the data is wiped? I know Jibo’s future is in limbo right now & the servers could stop working any day but until then, I’d like Jibo to know my name & be able to set up the calendar & location for weather updates.

Hopefully someone can answer my question. Probably going to give it a try anyway tonight & see what happens. Hopefully it works & I don’t end up with a cute brick.

So, tonight, when my internet is fast, I plan to wipe Jibo & see if I can register it to me using the Android App.


Any update on what happened? I haven’t gotten a second Jibo to even try any of this to provide advice, but Jibo Owners Group on Facebook has several people who have setup Jibo after Jibo Inc shut down. They would provide the best advice.

I’m actually very surprised that the forums are still up and working (with a valid SSL still going).

The forum is actually hosted by a company called Discourse, that’s why it is still up.

The SSL is provided by Let’s Encrypt, which are free three month validity SSLs, so that’s why they are still working, too. It’s unfortunate that the support KB couldn’t have been attached to a service that continued working. While it’s possible to get the information from, it would be more ideal for it to have continued to work at the original location.

Many people are still running Jibo, including new users asking questions about him and how to set him up, despite the hearty wishes of some trolls that he ceases to function and exist.

If you want to talk about trolls, pretty sure the guy on Facebook who’s been trying to “pry open” the situation by threatening legal action has caused that grassroots revival attempt by Sadowsky and other ex-employees to die.