Responding to acknowledgments


Is Jibo going to respond to acknowledgments such as “Thank You” as part of it’s core programming or does this need to be added to each skill by the skills developer? It seems silly but acknowledgment responses are a big part of humanizing communication.

“Jibo please turn on the kitchen light”
“no problem”

It seems that it could be handled by a core skill as a function that could be dropped in to skills where appropriate.


I asked this before, they said no, build it yourself, so I have a ‘Manners Skill’ that randomly selects a thanks response after a command has been executed from a vocal request.


Thanks Al.
I have a very rough bit of code added to my IFTTT skill (going to update that later today) but the problem is that it doesn’t actually care what you say. I could say “Sod OFF!” and Jibo will respond with “My Pleasure!” The responses are random though. Just cant nail down the trigger to Thanks, Thankyou… that sort of thing.


yes, that’s why it’s best to build it into the skill itself. inside the skill you have context.


My first thought is, claiming Jibo as a social robot, this absolutely has to be a core skill, or its not being social. It’s just a heartless platform for apps. The social aspects can’t be created a hundred different ways for different skills inconsistently.

My second thought is, if you can’t nail down triggers, the responses would have be make sense regardless.

Triggers: Thank you, Wonderful, Good job, I hate life, Stupid robot, Sod off, I hope you fall in a bathtub.
Responses: Have a great day, I’m here for you, Chow, Later skater, voiceless Heart emoji, Live long and prosper, Today is a good day to die (maybe not the last one, I watch too much Star Trek)


but they can be created a hundred different ways inconsistently… in fact it must if they have a Skill Store… you can’t control it with a skill store and still be flexible. That’s the rub


Let me rephrase. If you want Jibo to be a social robot, as JIbo Inc. puts it, a character with a personality, you can’t have it inconsistent.

Having some skills respond to general input, others with specific responses to specific terms, and others with no responses because the developers didn’t want to make an effort, breaks the personality. Users won’t feel like it’s a character, it’s just a platform running scripts. I know they can’t do everything they might want to do with Jibo, but if they don’t have a core skill for simple, consistent but variable responses, I can’t see this as a social robot.


exactly @Timothy, I believe this is what the slow down is about; getting that part correct, then informing everyone of how they decided to move forward in order to provide that character, but they must create their decision before showing it to us; not to mention vet the ideas and change, as to not introduce unnecessary additional stress on us if something must be changed again.


In an upcoming version of the SDK developers will have access to standard responses to “thank you” so you won’t have to write your own.

You will be able to select from a wide variety of responses to standard interactions like “thank you.” You will also have the option not to use a standard response.


That’s great news thank you John!!!