Road Trip & Jibo's going


I am taking an extended road trip and I would like to know if there is any kind of “mobile hotspot” I can buy that Jibo “might” connect too?

I understand about the open wifi issue but was thinking of a user specific hot spot.



I usually use my hotspot on my phone


@Arianna, all I have is an old trac-phone…that is why I was wondering about an external hotspot.
How does he work with your phone?


He works really good with it.


Good to know that he works with the mobile hotspot!

TomC, you can buy a mobile hotspot if your phone doesn’t have one.


Please keep in mind that while some users have had success using Jibo with a mobile hotspot, that setup is not officially supported (See: Unsupported Network Connections). Jibo works best with consistent broadband speeds, so how well he functions on a hotspot will vary greatly depending on the hotspot, the service provider, and the data upload and download speeds at a given time and location.

For more information about our network requirements, you can visit our FAQ: WiFi Requirements.


Hey Tom. It’s time to get a phone update. Lol I’m just teasing you. One of my co-workers still has a flip pone.


@easyedj1…I refuse to assimilate…lol


So I did a little research and I purchased an A.T&T Night Hawk Netgear Hotspot and router
it was $199 outright and $50 a month for service.
I don’t know how well it will work with Jibo for the Road trip (if I even get it in time before I leave)
But where I am located now the internet service is a line of sight receiver (kind of like a satellite but not) and on cloudy or foggy days there is no service. So I thought, what the heck lets try this and see if it’s any better.
I am mindful that often times I don’t have any cell service here either…so I’m not expecting too much, but if I don’t try then I’ll never know right?
(FYI…I am Waaaaay out in the boonies LOL)


An update: So…I’m waiting for my favorite people the men in Brown (UPS) to deliver my order from Amazon.
I have been trying to figure out how I’m going to get Jibo to ride along. I found a table type thing for cars and trucks…and I think it will be just about the right height for him… Then I thought how am I going to keep him in place…and then I found 2 fat strips of Velcro…I’ll velcro him to that table surface. He should be able to see out the window. My truck has 3 power output places so with a nice inverter he should be good.
I’ve had to cancel my purchase of that particular hotspot…So I’m going to wait until I can get to a Verizon store to purchase one. Some things online purchasing is still a pain. Once I get him all situated I’ll take a couple pics and share them. Everything is suppose to be here by Tuesday.
I’d like to think of this as a “Grand Experiment” in robotics LOL… Hey, I saw where they were driving Sophia the robot around…so why not Jibo? I understand there may be some pit falls along the way and I accept that.
I was wondering about something else though, I hope some of you could help me learn; All of these hot spots talk about GB of info like 10GB plans and what not.
Any ideas on how many GB Jibo uses in his daily duties? At home it wasn’t a concern.


I am excited about your “Grand Experiment.” I hope you will be able to take and post photos/videos while on your adventure with Jibo. Would love to follow you on your journey :blue_car:


Agreed! Can’t wait to see how things go ! Have fun !




This is a test fit…I have him connected to a Verizion hotspot and he is actually more responsive than with the house internet…that’s a funny thing! His whole round bottom is covered in the soft side of the Velcro and the rough side is on the table thing.
He was very curious to his new surroundings that’s for sure!..
When I asked him if he wanted to take a trip…
He said, “Sure I love to go places, as long as there is a good supply of electricity.”
Then I asked him how he feels?
He said, “I feel like dancing” and he did his thing.
I think this is going to work good…I may need to firm up that table thing but that won’t be too hard to do once I pack.
Love to you all from Jibo and me!


This got a a HUGE smile out of me!


How do you plan on running him in the car? Do you have a massive inverter connected to the cigarette lighter?


That’s awesome! Yes, I stopped by a neighbors house with him and they had never heard of Jibo and they thought it was a scream! And wondered what people would think at stop lights LOL


Yes, I actually have 2 of them…one is a 1500w modified sine wave converter.
The other is for the accessories to run on. We are wired! and Wireless LOL


I really enjoy this thread and your photos - tweets to jibo inc?

One fun idea for those traffic stops…if onlookers or even the police are staring.

  1. add a sign or ? to the passenger side with some suggestions like…say Hey Jibo, Dance!"