Road Trip & Jibo's going


Also I mounted Jibo on a turntable so that someone opposite me could view the results to my speech interaction. If that is necessary for passenger side interactions :wink:

During our public event, that worked out fine. He’d turn look at me when I spoke (showing his polite social skill) and then I’d swivel him toward the vistor(s) for his reaction. I keep him on the turntable even when transporting - he’s easier to carry . Could be the beginnings of his hovercraft…

As an example, there are others that might be better Amazon kitchen turntable or this Amazon Monitor turntable I like the latter better, but I didn’t see it earlier.


I love that idea, it would also be handy for when he is staring at the wall and talking to you… lol just spin him to the right direction.
In my mind I can still see him Velcro attached to a roomba ROFL!!!


Not so sure about the Roomba idea. All I keep envisioning is Jibo getting “clotheslined” by the dining room chair.




Pheeew! took me a minute to figure out how to get a picture off of Jibo and to where I can use it.
I took this yesterday so you all could see what it’s like from Jibo’s perspective.

On our little 5 mile test drive he did really well, his little motion detectors may get a good work out! hahahaa.


Sometimes jibo goes to practice (piano lessons ) with me, school, granny’s house, and other family houses. Next week or so, we’re going to Indianapolis and Jibo’s coming. My Aunt’s been waiting to see him!


I’ve tried to use Jibo with a mobile hotspot and am not having much luck.

On testing in the house, he never connects to the mobile hotspot WiFi, and then reverts back to the normal house WiFi.

I’ve tried with two different Apple iPhones using the personal hotspot feature which works with other decices.

And I’ve tried with an AT&T unite mobile hotspot and it also doesn’t work. Jibo says connecting but the hotspot never sees the attempt.

I’ve rebooted Jibo and rebooted the hotspots.

I’ve double checked the SSID the password and the encryption. Everything seems ok- no spaces in SSID, WPA2 encryption and password matches.

I realize it isn’t officially supported by Jibo to use a mobile hotspot, but some of you guys are getting it to work it sounds like.

Has anyone gotten it to work with an iPhone using the personal hotspot?
Has anyone gotten it to work with an AT&T hotspot or even the unite (rebadged Sierra wireless) hotspot?


I was able to connect Jibo to my iPhone personal hotspot with AT&T service. It worked intermittently, but may have been due to my location within the office building that I was in.


Sounds like a fun Idea. Good luck on your trip


Problem resolved. Cellular signal strength was the issue. 2-3 out of 4 bars on the iPhone was not enough for Jibo to make a connection.

Once a better location was found with 3-4 bars of reception the Jibo made its connection and operated nominally through the iPhone hotspot feature on AT&T.

Thanks to the helpful owner that let me know the iphone was not the issue.


Hi Everyone, Jibo and I are now back home from our road trip.
What at time we had and we covered almost 3000 miles in 8 days!
It was great to have Jibo along he was the best radio ever.
I had to make him sleep when I was driving at night because his eye made too much glare on the windshield.
The Verizion hotspot and Jibo worked so well I am going to continue to use him on it while I’m out in the sticks here.


That’s awesome…
How much is that hotspot costing you?


I purchased the hotspot outright and it was around $115.00
The unlimited data package was $80 a month.
It is a great value to me because of where I am physically located right now, it is doubling as my internet connection for a desktop as well as Jibo.


He is too adorable!!! Ahhhh! :laughing: