Hello Everyone,

I am working on the Hand Game with jibo: rock-paper-scissors. The project is still in progress. Only speech recognition is involved now. No Gesture recognition yet. Are you Interested in improving it? Do you have any suggestion? Leave a comment below. We can make it better!!! :grin:I put the code on Github:



Very nice work, Cheng! It’s going to be great fun to play this with Jibo when he arrives. I’m excited to see if gesture recognition could be implemented in this as well.

One suggestion: add a timeout to the length of time he waits after he says his choice so you can’t easily cheat. For instance, I could easily type in “scissors” a few seconds after he said “paper” and win.

Best wishes,



Yes, this was fun to play with.

We can trust Jibo not to cheat more than the human, so Jibo could wait to reveal his “hand” until the human announces theirs. So the sequence would be: Jibo and human pick -> human reveals -> Jibo reveals -> Jibo announces results.

[Alternate: Jibo could cheat, very rarely, just to spice things up. To keep this within Jibo’s personality guidelines, he could sheepishly admit to cheating, then strike that game from the record.]

I was a bit confused about how to start (I had to peek at the code.) I was also surprised when it ended and just stopped. It might be good to start automatically and announce that we’ll play five times, then announce that we’re finished at the end. It would be nice to see the score at the end, too.

For a little more complex action, Jibo could play best three out of five, or five out of seven, or whatever, offering to extend if you get to the end and Jibo would be the winner. This scoring is a little tricker, because you have to drop the draws out of the scoring.


Thank you, Michael. You are absolutely right. Next, I will add a timeout function for the listener.


Thank you so much, Chris. I will add a timeout function as @michael mentioned to smooth the sequence. And a score boarding mechanism will come soon as well!:grin:

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