Save speech/voice into a local audio file

Does Jibo SDK support saving speech or voice into a local audio file for further processing? e.g., replay, or uploaded to outside servers.


Hi Liwu,

Do you mean saving voice that has been spoken to Jibo? For instance, someone recording a message on Jibo that Jibo would replay later for someone else.

If this is what you have in mind it is not something currently supported in the SDK.

If you are looking to have a part of your skill record audio (for example, if you wanted to allow user A to record a message for User B) the best option right now would be to use a listen behavior and to have the skill capture the text content of what User A says. Then you could have Jibo speak the message back to user B via TTS.

To capture what user A says you would likely want to declare a notepad variable as described here to capture that for use in the TTS behavior.

Thanks a lot John. The scenario you described is exactly what I want to implement.

I have a follow-up question about the feasibility of the following scenario:

  1. I save an audio file on my server
  2. JIBO downloads the audio file from my server to local file
  3. JIBO plays the local audio file

I think this may be doable, as long as local resources are accessible at run-time. Could you please confirm?


Hi Liwu,

What you are describing would be theoretically be feasible but, again, the actual recording of that audio file is not currently supported in the SDK which means that step 1 in your description would have to be done via some other means. Assuming you have the audio file on your server then the flow you describe should be doable.

Hope that helps!

Will the capability to record and store audio eventually be added to the sdk? It would be useful for music-related skills.


We are definitely aware that some developers have been asking about that as a desired feature. I would recommend creating a thread in our Features area and I would encourage you to like that thread (or this one) so that we can best continue to communicate that desire with the SDK development team as they continue to build out the tool’s features!

Thank you,

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