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I’m in need of a feature which isn’t mentioned in the SDK as of yet, but would be valuable for many skills: set a time to run a background process (e.g. in the late evening or early morning) like building an index for their data…stuff that would slow down Jibo during the day and is best to delay for off-peak hours. Or, in other words, will the Jibo SDK allow for skills to schedule tasks?



Apologies for the delay with this response.

We are developing processes by which Jibo will be able to perform some tasks/processes without the need for user input. We have not yet determined to what extent this will be directly accessible in the SDK but we will update the community when we have further detail.

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Thanks! If it makes it any easier, there’s already a pre-built NPM for cron jobs available here.

The great thing about cron scheduling is that it can be one-time (e.g. run once on a specific date and time) or can be used for scheduling a process to run at regular intervals. This will give the skill more flexibility in assigning scheduled tasks when needed.

If you don’t want to give your skills that much power, you can always create a wrapper on top of the cron npm to allow for Jibo to set the scheduling instead…for example:

Run once

var scheduledTask = jibo.setScheduledTask(new Date(), "");

Run every weekday at (or around) 11:30pm

var scheduledTask = jibo.setScheduledTask("00 30 23 * * 1-5", "sample-flow.flow");

These examples just run a behavior tree or flow directly, but I could imagine a slightly different version that runs the entire skill directly instead with the ability to pass in parameters that could allow the skill to “switch” to scheduled task mode.

Thanks for looking into it and getting back to me.


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