Scratch Be a Maker App

Is there a way to use the Be a Maker app on aMac Book Pro?


I apologize that there is not a good way to do this.

The Be A Maker app can only run on iOS currently. While we do have an Android version of the app which will be arriving soon, there have been no announcements so far about a desktop version of this software for either OSX or Windows.


Thanks for answering my question. I am sure you can appreciate that trying to program off a phone is problematic.

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I feel your frustration using the app on the iPhone. I tried it for my first project. I freaked when I accidentally swiped left and dragged the program to the left completely wiping it out. I had to rebuild the program over again. I downloaded the app to my husband’s iPad and am very happy programming on it.

I did it on the iPad but the app still has limitation of what can be programmed…I’m hoping to see animation blocks available in the future

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While the Be A Maker app will run with reduced workspace on an iPhone, it is originally designed and intended for use on an iPad. We would absolutely suggest using it on a tablet for the ideal experience with this tool.