SDK Access to Jibo's Emotive System


Is Jibo’s emotive system persistent? And if so, do we have access to that via the SDK? For example, would I be able to see how Jibo is feeling (e.g. sad, happy, tired, etc) at any time from my skill so that I could alter his output accordingly?

And continuing that thought, would we be able to access the user’s emotional state as well?


Hi @michael ,

Our team is still working on Jibo’s emotion system and we will announce more details about this in the future when we are ready. In the meantime, there are definitely ways to emulate this at the moment by thinking about how Jibo would react to certain responses or requests and then plan for it in your skill.

For example, in your turn around skill, how does Jibo feel by being told to turn around? How does Jibo feel when the user tells him to stay turned around the first time? How do you think the user or Jibo feel after repeated requests?

Definitely check out our design style guide and speech style guide for more information and guidance. See what you can come up with and you will be prepared when we release more details about his emotive system. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Joe. Sounds like a great place to begin…I’ll be sure to add a little extra emotion to the Look Away skill while we await more details.

For now, I’ll just make the emotion random until we can tie-in our skills to Jibo’s emotive system. It’ll be fun to come up with how a sad Jibo looking away is completely different from a happy one. :slight_smile:

EDIT: All set…I have added 3 emotive states to my simple “Look Away” skill for Jibo (excited, relaxed, and sad) which are triggered based on how you ask him to turn away. Thanks for the idea, @joe.t!


@michael I tried this out and is it’s amazing! Thanks for doing this and putting it into your skill. I also love that it’s open source and available for anyone to edit and build upon!