Send SMS with Jibo & IFTTT


This is a skill to send someone a SMS with Jibo.

EXAMPLE: Call Jibo with: “Hey Jibo”

Tell Jibo: “SEND TEXT MESSAGE”, followed directly with the message and the word unquote.

Jibo responds with the question to send the message or not.

Answer him with a simple yes or no and Jibo responds with the confirmation.


Step 1: Connect to IFTTT as described in the jibo forum post: Make Jibo post status message on Facebook with IFTTT

Step 2: Make a connection in IFTTT with your Android Device & create a new recipe in IFTTT to send an SMS to a single contact telephone number with your Android Device:

Step 3: In behavior change “yourKey” with your ApiKey from IFTTT-Maker and the Var Action matching your your Recipe Title.

Step 4: Feel free to adjust the phrase commands in to suit your wishes.

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