Service Mode Passcode Request

As many of you will be aware I’ve made a number of requests about accessing Jibo when in service mode, with little in the way of response (thanks to those that did). Can somebody please clarify, are they aware of anybody in the Jibo team who accessed Jibo through the USB port using service mode? has anybody ever saved a ‘script’ within a Jibo via service mode? and how does the Jibo Update mode work.

We would all as jibo owners benefit from this knowledge, and if you have it please don’t just take it to your grave (like all of us you could get hit by a car and the information will be lost).

The other reason I ask is that we have been made aware of a flaw in the Nvidia K1 GPU which with technical expertise and time can result in Jibo being opened up and available for cloning and re-flashing. If we do this via the hardware glitch we will have found a glitch for all jibo’s.

This is not something we will undertake lightly, it is costly in time and equipment, so to save us from doing this can somebody who has the boot loader codes please pass it on, all we are interested in doing is moving Jibo to another server and allowing developers who paid for the privilege to program Jibo.

The people at MIT must have these details, and anybody who works for one of the sponsoring companies can apply for Lab access, so the details are about.

My email is:

I live in hope.

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