"Settle down" interaction


Inspired by Jibo Engagement and Movement and my wife’s experiences from the other day, when Jibo was particularly active…

An interaction to say, “settle down” that dampens Jibo’s natural spontaneous interaction with the environment (looking around and initiating conversations with people) for a period of time. It wouldn’t (and probably shouldn’t) stop Jibo dead in his tracks, just tone it down a little.

Future: if Jibo learned that certain people are always asking him to settle down, he could do this on his own if he sees that person enter the room.


Thanks for your feature suggestion! You almost may want to try utilizing Jibo’s sleep behavior if you want to limit Jibo’s activity. If you tell Jibo to go to sleep, he will enter his sleep mode until:

  • He hears “Hey Jibo."
  • Someone taps his screen or head.
  • His normal wake time arrives.

Your can read more about Jibo’s sleep mode in our FAQ.


I have read that you are working with Affectiva. This seems like an absolutely essential integration in a multi-human household where members are of different ages and have different approaches toward Jibo. Where does emotion recognition fall in your roadmap?