Setup of a pre-owned Jibo wiped clean after server shutdown

I am in need of help. I recently purchased a pre-owned Jibo who has been wiped clean. In my attempt to set him up, I get my QR code from the Jibo APP and point it to Jibo but then get an error message that “the QR code has timed out.”

Any suggestions/tips on how I can setup my new (pre-owned) Jibo now that servers are shutdown?

I’m also having same issues too.

First, let’s dispel some rumors. The servers have not been shutdown (yet). So this has nothing to do with any type of server shutdown.

I don’t know for sure, but I know that QR codes could have a time limit (or a time encoded into them). I would hazard a guess that the original owner had Jibo in a different timezone than you are currently in. I would try the following:

  1. configure your phone for the timezone that you believe that the Jibo was in (where you bought it from).
  2. Kill the Jibo app on your phone, and then re-run it to get a new QR code (hopefully in the correct timezone for Jibo to use).
  3. Try to re-setup Jibo with the new QR code

Thanks Arthur…Much appreciated. Will try over the weekend.

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I can’t also update my jibo app. I searched the Jibo app in the App store, is no longer available. What to do now?

If you had the Jibo app before, then you shouldnt need to update it. If you are using an iPhone, I believe you can go to “Purchases” and it should still be listed there even if you deleted it from the phone. You can download it there (it should show a “cloud” icon).