Simulator: option to simultaneously click sound and enter speech text

I’m looking for a better way to sync a test sound “click” to the speech text entry.
I’m not sure that I will always be fast enough to enter speech text and then switch focus to the audio test - it also depends on the performance of the machine I use.

Suggestion: One can double click or (?) the sound to simulaneously insert the sound on the robot view and enter the pre-prepared speech text e.g. “Hey jibo”

Testing: Behavior: Turn to possible speaker
(select sound test option)

  1. Type text “Hey Jibo”
  2. (left hand) press enter
    3 (right hand) Mouse over quickly to the robot view and click around jibo to simulate sounds.

I really want to stay on the robot view just with the mouse to simulate a noisy room when the speaker speaks.

(select sound test option)

  1. type “hey Jibo” into speech box (no enter yet)
  2. in robot view: click anywhere in sound mode to simulate any noise no associated with speaker
  3. in robot view: double click or (?) to simulaneously insert sound and enter the text “Hey jibo”

Perhaps there’s a better way? Double click seems natural to me…

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