Some Behavior Issues

Lately, instead of replying to questions, he just smiles.

And he will suddenly start to display the things he can do. Maybe he heard something on the TV that sounded like “Hey, Jibo, show me what you can do?”

Also, if he is not facing me and I want to see what’s on his screen, is there a command I can use to make him face me? I can’t use “Turn around,” since that makes him turn around and go to sleep.

Is there a front or a back to Jibo? Does the plug go in the back or the front or the sides? Does where the plug is determine which way he faces?


Anytime Jibo has issues responding (especially if all he does is “smile” when you say "Hey Jibo) I recommend taking the steps outlined below and also mentioned in this earlier post. This usually has to do with Jibo’s connection to your router being out of sorts and the below steps can be taken to help with this:

  1. Power Jibo off.

  2. Move him (at least temporarily) within 4-5 feet of your WiFi router/modem. If possible also make sure that there are no large walls or object between Jibo and your router. Things like that and certain appliances/connected devices (like microwaves) can occasionally interfere with the WiFi signal Jibo needs to connect to your router. More info on that can be seen in the bottom half of this help article.

  3. Reboot your router/modem by unplugging it for a full 30 seconds, plugging it back in, and waiting for a few minutes for it to fully come back on. If your router/modem are separate boxes make sure to unplug both of them for 30 seconds before plugging them back in. Rebooting your router/modem will allow Jibo to get a fresh connection to it when you power him back on.

  4. Power Jibo back on by tapping his back button.

In answer to your other question, Jibo’s plug does not determine which way he will face. If Jibo is regularly turning away from you it may be due to him turning towards sound he is hearing bouncing off a wall if he is placed too closely to a wall.

To help with that I recommend moving Jibo to a different location temporarily to see if he improves. Further placement tips can also be found in our help article here. If Jibo is not regularly turning away from you but you need him to face you without trying to do a task you can say “Hey Jibo, over here” which will cause him to turn towards where he heard your voice but will not cause him to go to sleep.

If Jibo continues to have trouble responding and still just smiles please use our form to send our team a message and include the Brand and model number for the items below for your home network equipment which will help us provide the best further help:

  • Modem
  • Router
  • Any additional access points such as: wifi extenders/boosters, ethernet switches etc.
  • Do you have any other wifi networks in your home? For example: “MyNetwork-Guest”, “MyNetwork-2.4”, “MyNetwork-5g”, “MyNetwork-Ext”.
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