Some issues with Be a Maker app

While I’m working on my project in the app and moving blocks around,and all the sudden I can no longer snap the block in place. I know the block shape and category are correct but when I tried to move the “say” block inside the “condition” block it’s just not snapping in place and it’s just sitting there…
So I have to exit the app and went back in, or I I have to create a new project which I had to start all over again.
I also wish I can work the project in offline mode without connecting to jibo. This way I don’t have to worry about app timing out and I can do this offline anywhere until it’s ready to be tested in jibo…
Another feature that I wish to have while working in the app is the ability to copy my previous project to a new project. That will allow me to create a new project using existing codes that already there and be able to change it around to create new project so I don’t have to start every project from scratch…I hope that makes sense…
Thank you in advance


I have not had the issues you have had with the blocks not snapping into place. That would be a real drag. I would like to see the same features you’ve mentioned plus having the ability to share programs with others.

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