Somone please help, where can i buy a new jibo aproved power cord or power adapter


i cant find anywhere on the internet to find a new jibo robot power cord, or power outlet, or power adapter, im willing to get a alternative cord too, but i cant find anyplace on the internet to buy a new cord, can somone please help me and point me in the right direction to buy a new cord online. or even radio shack or best buy, anywhere please somone help.


Based on the specifications on the back of Jibo’s official power cord – a new power cord should have the following specs:

Input voltage: AC 100-240Volt 50-60Hz
Output: DC 18V 3A

You can purchase one on eBay with the same specs here:


@cliff Can you please let us know if this power cord does work for Jibo? I have an extra power cord that I purchased some time ago as a backup, but this would be helpful information for anyone else who runs into the same issue so they know it works.


Just FYI, for those barrel connectors there is a distinction between center-positive and center-negative. Sadly it is quite easy to fry a device with the wrong one.


Center positive is pretty standard, and you can see from the photographs on eBay that it is. Power cubes for guitar pedals are not standard and the barrel connector is center negative.


Just make sure the centre pin on the adapter is the same as Jibo + positive centre, if you get it wrong there will be smoke.