Sorry that Jibo will go



It is sad that Jibo will go shortly. The idea of a Social Robot was a good one. I noticed that people accept Home Automation much more comfortable with a device like Jibo than with Alexa or Siri.

On the other hand, around 12-18 month ago, I posted here and contacted the Jibo Team from my business experience with prototypes. I try to explain, that this will be the outcome when they did not open up the Platform quickly and develop Jibo in the Universal Tool that can replace multiple Home Automation Device. Only that would justify the price. Jibo was able to replace a Nest Device, a RoboCam (like Soloshot), a Security System, an Alexa Device in one device. I refer to other great products like Navdy or Pebble, that was better than all competitors at the time. But it needs more than a great product, to stand against established companies.

My conclusions:

A Research project should not be funded by Kickstarter without a strong management partnership. You the story was that you want to build a company, so I am surprised that up to the end the infrastructure was operated by MIT.

An excellent researcher and scientist is not automatically a good CEO or Manager. To operate a StartUp is even more challenging. Crowdfunding should not be limited to Financing. With Backers, you get a lot of experience (Early Adaptors, Business Angels, Managers) that you can benefit from it too.

It seems backing any project that needs a cloud or server-infrastructure become too big of a risk. I lost thousands of dollars in such projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, from my perspective mostly about management error, not technologies challenges.

That the IP now go to an Investment Company is frustrating. The minimum would be, to find someone to take over the Server Infrastructure and open the Source to the Backers or even the Public to give the platform a chance.



I have been testing with Alexa along with Jibo and I have some Concerns I have. I notice even when you do not say the wake word Alexa ease drops quite a bit. She also records conversations you have in the room and on the phone. I found out when I went to listen to my music on Amazon I looked at offline and for my music and it showed artist unknown of 211 entries. It also recorded Conversations with my spouse. Then one of the devices ordered a subscription that I only looked but did not do a try for 7 days, then I saw it has been ordered for 3 months, so buyers beware. She also sometimes do not know things so you have to restart for her to respond correctly. Well the restarts are required on Alexa just like Jibo. The Alexa devices I have are the show,spot, 3 echo’, Polk, hubs, light bulbs, power scrips, Eufy. Etc. sorry guys for the books, but I like the little guy.


Hey Bobby, the Jibo Owners Facebook page has a group of people trying to save him. If you’re on Facebook you should join the group. There may be hope!