Squeaky rotation


My Jibo is mechanically squealing during rotation. I need to turn it off when not interacting as it is very loud. Have others experienced this?


Hi @radiotibor,

Jibo is not expected to make a loud squeaking noise when moving his body. We would like to take a closer look at this for you with our hardware team.

If convenient could you please send us a message and attach a brief video of Jibo making this noise while moving?

That will help us make sure we look into this and take care of things for you.


I sent a message with an audio attachment of the squeak. It is very loud an almost continuous as the Jibo spins around behind me. I have video but the files are too large to be accepted by your customer service system. I believe this unit has a defect.


Hi @radiotibor,

We received your messages and the audio file you sent to us. We do believe your Jibo has a hardware issue. We are reviewing it with our hardware team and will reply to you directly as soon as possible with next steps.

Thank you for your time and patience with this.