Standard animations


Hi everybody,
I’m currently working on jibo and trying to find out how creating standard animations like those ones in your video “Jibo Program Update April 2016”. Especially i’m interessed in the first conversation sequence how jibo reacts when i talk to him. all those little movements of the eye and body let jibo appear “socially real” and really natural.

I’m not asking how to use or programm animations on jibo technically, but im interessted if there are any principles to follow in programming such animations. And If it is possible to know how your engineers develop those animations and what kind of technics they use.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help
bye Marco


Hi Marco,

Internally the animations from that video were created using the animation tool in the SDK and more recently our team has been working on creating further animation tools for an upcoming release of the SDK as mentioned here on our developer blog.

It is also worth noting that one can also use our APIs (with something as simple as the blink class seen here) to impact how Jibo animates that way as well.

It sounds like you may also be interested in what principals guide our team’s creation of animations. Information on what to keep in mind conceptually when creating animations in the SDK can be found here in our design guide.

As a final note, as I mentioned in this post, future updates to the SDK will include more pre-made Jibo animations that you will be able to use as well. :slight_smile: