Stuck in recovery mode


Hey all. Anyone experience having their Jibo stuck in recovery mode? Getting the black screen and red light issue, and from scouring archives of the Jibo suppprt site, it appears that’s the giveaway for being stuck in recovery mode. Can’t seem to find a fix though, any suggestions?


Hi I wish I could help, but I like you have come late to the party and all of the documentation appears to have been in JIBO servers which they took down as they disposed of the assets. Having said that there is one thing I would try If I were in your shoes and here is why. JIBO appears to start himself and at the same time make calls to external servers checking for updates, the server the right ports etc etc, as with all pc and linux type OS if it gets a network error it hangs and waits and waits etc etc Just guessing that thats what is happening here. So I myself would start without the network connected and when he discovers no network It would make sense for him to boot himself (I may be wrong but thats what I did when I coded a lot), If it starts it should go to its menu’s and in the settings menu there is a wipe option and I’m imagining that will wipe the previous owner and reload the internal software. I may be wrong but its sure worth a try.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t


oops forgot to say you’ll need to ensure he can’t access the wifi if he has before. by turning it off.


If Jibo wasn’t able to boot without a network, you would never be able to set him up. Obviously that is not how he boots.


Thats a bugger, didn’t they have anyone with some common sense working on him, all devise and programs need a FAIL SAFE mode otherwise how are those who come after ever going to get any of this stuff going :wink: It’s the first thing I program or design into things, how to start it, how to stop it if it hangs, and how to get it to restart itself from failsafe ROM code in the event I or others screw it up.
Have you registered to be one of the MIT associate JIBO researchers? If so how did you go about it? I was saddened that somebody decided to “play the adult” and prevent the JIBO becoming open source for security reasons, I agree with security but not if it means expensive devices and work get pointlessly thrown away, when grown ups are usually happy with a grown up Warning saying you can continue to use JIBO but make sure you use him securely i.e. turn him off when not attended and put a bag over his head if your doing anything you wouldn’t want you grandmother to watch or know about.

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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Here is the info from the support pages, it gets Jibo straight out of recovery mode.
Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

This is weird it won’t le me include the JPG picture. If you on the Jibo owners facebook page Its post there.