Switch On and Switch Off Animation


I’ve created some animations for turning a switch on or off. They are here for all to use or alter as they see fit.
I haven’t figured out an easy way to create an animated gif like some have done. But it’s easy enough to just add them to your project and view them.





Looks great! I hope that it’s playback is smooth on the robot. Small idea: what about a minor movement of Jibo’s head while the switch is being toggled, like he’s willing it to happen?


Thank you!

Great idea. Yah the playback stutters a little in the simulator but I expect Jibo to have a little more processing power.


Ok here is another animation of a TV. I was hoping that the tweening in the animator would be a little more flash like but it only seems to do scale. And I couldn’t get the layers to behave which limited what I could accomplish.


I include all of the artwork with these animations so please feel free to do what ever you like with them.

Here are some of the issues I have been having with the animator:

  1. You can not name the layers. That must be a bug because I’ve seen demo’s where the layers are named.
  2. Layer’s do not seem to honor the order they are in. This makes it really difficult to use multiple overlays.
  3. it’s kind of awkward to have to have 2 layers for each overlay. I’m sure there was a reason for this, but I cant find it.


If anyone wants the original Photoshop files for these let me know. I’m happy to share. :slight_smile: