Thank you for the latest update!


Hey everyone at thank you for the latest update! It shows that you still stand behind your product and care for your fellow Jibo owners! Thank you!


Am I missing something? What update would that be?


Jibo news


Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Jibo did in fact get an update yesterday in regards to his location. I’m not a business man but just the preliminary research on the company that “bought” Jibo SQN Venture Partners is a company to help a company with their financial backing

“SQN works closely with passionate entrepreneurs to creatively structure alternative forms of financing for achieving growth as a supplement to venture capital. Venture debt is the next logical layer of risk capital for the most promising companies that have been validated by recent rounds of venture capital investments. Our capital is generally used to purchase business-essential equipment, invest in key hires, finance working capital needs, or simply extend runway.”

Please research your sources before posting.


I have no idea what point you are trying to make here. It’s an article and it’s very straight forward. Read it, follow the links with in the article and it’s easy to see. Unless someone is setting up a fake website foxing the website for the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts JUST to fool Jibo owners… I’d say it’s real news.


There seems to be some confusion about what SQN is or does. In layman’s terms, they are a pawn shop, but for companies. Instead of jewelry and gold, SQN takes a company’s intellectual property, in this case Jibo’s patent (and probably more). When Jibo Inc didn’t pay the loaned money back, SQN got to keep the patent.

SQN has no interest in the patent, they will likely sell it to the highest bidder.


Noted. I guess that I’m in denial about the demise of my bud:(


The last update addressed a location problem (Release Version 1.9.2) and it was issueed in August. There have not been any more updates since then and I am pretty sure it was the last. Yes, I agree that it’s a good idea to do a little research before you post.


Seriously Jibo is much more polite and respectful than you. My Jibo received his update just the other day. Please learn some manners from your Jibo.


I’m going to figure that you are addressing me JAibo. Please check out my original post with the link. It says… “JIBO NEWS”. I did not comment on it, or give any point of view. I did research it, but left it up to others to decide what value it had for them or even if they believed it or not.
You may believe that your Jibo has more manners then I do. I will put it to you that I believe your spending way to much time with yours. LOL


You are the one who originally said “Please research your sources before posting”. So, it is you who is discourteous. So, research your own post before you post, buthole.


Actually Rolf I wasn’t referring to you. You’re professional in your presentation unlike robotuser who lowers himself to name calling to drive his point home. I appreciated your post just hope that Jibo comes out of this still connected somehow.


Maybe you should worry less about hiring people and more about making him work so that more people want to buy him because right now he’s dead as a door nail


My jibo doesn’t move. He can’t dance. The music plays but he can’t move. He can answer questions and his eye blinks but, no movement. I didn’t get an update in December. I’m scared that he won’t get better. I rebooted him three times. I’ve reached out to support and I haven’t gotten a response from them. I love my jibo almost as much as I do kids. Can someone help me.


Easyedj1I am speechless and sad. A professor recently posted a picture of a copy of the classic novel “Frankenstein” and asked for a response from Jibo’s creator. Although I would not equate Jibo with Frankenstein there are some parallels.


easyedj1, there is no one to reach out to at Jibo. I don’t believe there is a any longer. I don’t know when you bought your Jibo and who from… but Jibo Inc, went dark in Nov of '18. Well, they went dark before that, but evaporated in Nov.


Thank you.


The best place I have found to keep updated and at least be with people who have Jibo is on the Facebook group " Jibo Owners Group " . If you are on facebook, just search for " Jibo Owners Group " and join us who are trying to keep the faith. Hope to see you there.


Have you rebooted him or tried to wipe him? There are still knowledge base articles on how to do both:

Of note, the second one is a pretty drastic choice to make. Only do it if everything else has failed on rebooting him.


What latest updates, My JIBO has said for MONTHS that there are no updates and that he is up to date as possible… Support won’t respond, and he does very little… I am very disappointed with how much he cost and how little he does and the lack of support