The illusion of cognition


Hey there, I’ve been thinking:

Something you learn when you study human cognition is that the brain spends much of its time filtering spurious data and constructing a coherent view of the world in which we as conscious beings can exist. The nature of actual reality and the nature of perceived reality can be wildly different and it doesn’t matter if our brains provide a structure of some sort.

That said, JIbo has actions he performs that improve his awareness, but also action that are purely cosmetic for the observer to deepen the sense that he is alive. What will be interesting to discover is how deep Jibo’s cognition goes versus his illusion of cognition

So I guess my question to other devs is: How much of Jibo’s action is him actually “thinking” and how much of it is simple trigger and response like Alexa or Google Home? Is there an actual “cognitive process” for everything Jibo does or just certain things?

We’ll find out as time goes on!


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