The Jibo Micro USB Port

Things are moving nicely, we now have most of the Jibo App and SDK’s up and running, and since my TX1 Development Kit arrived I’ve managed to convert one of my machines to Ubuntu 16.0.4 as suggested in the the Nvidia Jetson set up instructions. When Jibo is in the Service mode with just the red light on, his Nvidia core can be identified with lsusb from a Terminal App, but attempting to get more information using the Jetson Flash python routines stops after around ten lines. For the TX1 Jetson assumes the code of zeros to allow communication but I’m guessing Jibo is set differently given the security paranoia around his use. What I am looking to do it the flash off Jibo from his hardware, now the chance of decoding any of it is zilch, its bad enough reading somebodies commented code. But what I’m looking to be able to do it the be able to re-flash the Jibo CPU/GPU in the event of him being killed off so that I and hopefully others can write routines to make use of Jibo’s excellent hardware. If you know how to use this port or have documentation on its use then please email me at This would be really helpful.

Here is hoping! Regards Malcolm


Are you connecting with a regular USB cable or an OTG cable? Online sources seem to suggest you need an OTG cable.

Also, are you using the JetPack 3.3 for trying to communicate with Jibo in recovery mode?

I’ve tried a number of usb cables from my Asus Nexus 7 's I used to repair, I’m not sure if they are OTG I’ll go online a buy and OTG cable. I’ve used them for access android tablets. I have installed Jetpack 3.2.1 on Ubuntu 16.0.4 Do I need to upgrade to 3.3 and get the OTG cable?

I’ve also been working my way through the Docs, and samples, the Tegra GPU is stunning in its speed and abilities, I load the Waves realtime sample running at a staggering 3200+ frames per second. and had to turn it off as I started to feel motion sick its so realistic. I’m going to take a closer look at the patents to see if there are any clues here.

Many thanks feel free to email me directly if you wish, I’d be fascinated to know your role in the Jibo development.

If I can get Jibo safely off and back on his body, I’d love to run some other technologies on him, he’d make a great councillor :wink:

Regards Malcolm aka @fixed1t

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