The new style of Jibo support has a very "stfu" style to it


I miss the old excitement of Jibo support where a requested feature thread was met with “we’ll forward your suggestions to the engineering team”. These days most feature threads are entirely unanswered, and any issue report is met with “here’s a link, shut up, thread closed”.


Well actually, and this is just my opinion, back in the “old” days, Jibo didn’t have their real support site up and running.
So the forums were the only place where you could make such comments.

Now Jibo is in full production and a couple weeks ago started shipping to everyone. That puts right around now the point in time when the amount of units in the field are really starting to ramp up. They also have a very well done support page that honestly would answer most of the support questions posted in this forum. They also have a proper channel in said page for making suggestions. That way they are all localized and their engineers can keep track of them.

So I am afraid I do not agree with you at all. The old way meant there was no way for employees to really manage support questions or suggestions. Now they can.

I’d say for having a service team that is only just now getting tested for the first time, Jibo Inc. staff are doing a very good job.


This is not true kwebster. In the old days, I submitted around 30 feature requests. I’ve been assured that they read every feature request and process them.

They have said clearly that they will not respond to every request - that was the case for me and my many requests. Occassionly they did reply or ask for more info.
I have no problem with their policy regarding feature requests. Somewhere is describes this… topic description or ? Can’t recall

Closing a thread also is necessary for requirements capture I assume for the orderly requirements documentation process. … more users in the forum, probably need more structure…makes sense.