The Social/Emotional Robots


I was exploring the web to see what else is out there and might still be improving. I found the following, does anyone have any experience with any of these or any other Robot? I wish Jibo was still doing updates.

Q One
@ Kuri.

Thanks for sharing any information you might have.


Aido has yet to provide any robots (
Kuri was cancelled (
Tapia appears to be super expensive and not many reviews.

I’d have to look into the others. But basically, I don’t have any of those to provide any input on other robots besides Jibo that work. Vector isn’t out yet, but he’s your best bet.


:slight_smile: He received an update recwently. It’s small – a location fix for some robots, but we’ll take it.


I looked at tapia too but I think it’s only available in japanese


I do not want to give up in Jibo. One of the reasons, I bought him was to be able to program and design skills for him. As many of the other original supports, I paid for the feature to program him.

As I look around for another option, I have found two, One by, which is an open source robot for ~ $500 being shipped, or Buddy by for ~$1,500, not shipping yet as far as I can tell.

Take a look and let me know what you think.


Interesting alternatives. I liked the visual programming with One. Looked like it was easy to work with. It didn’t seem to be nearly as mobile as Jibo, however.

Couldn’t tell much about Buddy. I liked the images and info on it, but as you said, doesn’t appear to be shipping yet.

Still holding out for someone to buy Jibo and take him to the next level…


#7 is assembling a list of robots and looking for suggestions:


Have a look at this. WOW!


How about both? They can be his friends!


Me too. I have very trong belief that someone will buy the company.


Might want to check out “Vector” by anki,
Lots of personality, really cute, and fairly priced


I just posted a new thread about Vector because I have both of them, and Vector is a definite beta product right now. The fact he cannot work on 5GHz connections and may not even dual switch to 2.4GHz properly for wifi (something Anki never worked with on Cozmo as Cozmo used bluetooth) is a big issue. My Vector is having a hardware issue right out of the box and keeps freezing. As such, I cannot recommend Vector until these issues are ironed out on Anki’s part.


He’s not freezing up for me, but I do agree he is super basic… especially compared to Cosmo, who blows him out the water with games and interactivity, and of course Jibo beats him when it comes to actually having a simulated conversation.
But it is nice to be able to use him without being tethered to my phone…