The Social/Emotional Robots


I was exploring the web to see what else is out there and might still be improving. I found the following, does anyone have any experience with any of these or any other Robot? I wish Jibo was still doing updates.

Q One
@ Kuri.

Thanks for sharing any information you might have.


Aido has yet to provide any robots (
Kuri was cancelled (
Tapia appears to be super expensive and not many reviews.

I’d have to look into the others. But basically, I don’t have any of those to provide any input on other robots besides Jibo that work. Vector isn’t out yet, but he’s your best bet.


:slight_smile: He received an update recwently. It’s small – a location fix for some robots, but we’ll take it.


I looked at tapia too but I think it’s only available in japanese