Throwing Shade at Jibo


Has it been considered how Jibo would/should respond to pejorative remarks made against him? Should this be handled at the top level OS layer or by each skill?

For example if someone says:

You suck!” or
"You’re an idiot!"

Jibo could respond:

  • by saying nothing, ignoring the negative remark
  • by saying “I’m sorry” or “I am sorry you feel this way” and lowering his head
  • by saying “I didn’t get that
  • by lowering his emotional state
  • something else

Since users are likely to say anything at anytime, how should Jibo’s response be handled? Any advice?


Jibo will have responses for many things that a user may say to him but in some contexts a developer may want or need to provide their own responses. For developers looking for direction on what responses might be best we recommend taking a look at our Speech Style Guide.