Timeframe for Linux support?

Hi guys,

Just installed SDK on Linux and it didn’t work of course (had to try though :wink:).
Any idea on the timeframe for this support to be released? My OpenSuSE Linux laptop REALLY is my preferred working environment.



Hi Martin,

We have not announced a specific timeline for when Linux will be supported but we certainly know that it is the preferred system of many developers like yourself. I will continue to make sure out team is aware of the desire for that support.

Thank you!


I’m also interested in Linux support on Ubuntu and Fedora.


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I’ll just throw my Me too! in here. Also on Fedora.



I noticed the text concerning Linux support has been changed from “coming soon” to “this is currently not supported”. This worries me greatly. Does this mean I can forget about seeing Linux support any time soon?


@Admin.JiboSupport Just out of curiosity, is there something tricky about the Linux environment, or is it more a matter of resource allocation and trying to get Jibo out the door?

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Hi everyone,

@mcorino, we did remove that “coming soon” note from the doc because, as mentioned, we have not announced a specific timeline for Linux support. When we have further specifics we will announce that here in the forum and in our docs.

If you are interested in Linux support I would encourage you to “like” this thread using the heart symbol so that we can continue to communicate that desire with the team.

Thank you everyone!


Any news on when Linux support becomes available? I am somewaht disappointed it still did not happen.

Hi mcorino,

We still do not have a timeline for Linux support that we can share at this time. I apologize for the frustration this is causing you and our other Linux devs.

We are absolutely continuing to look into this and are monitoring this thread so that our team is actively aware of the dev community’s interest in Linux support. When there are further specifics we will definitely update this thread.