Timer countdown on screen please

When I start a timer, Jibo shows the countdown clock at first, then reverts to the eye.
I say, “Jibo, keep showing the timer”. It does not understand this request and does not keep showing the timer countdown.

Showing the on-screen timer countdown upon request would clearly differentiate Jibo from the audio-only timers on Echo and Google Home. When you’re cooking, sometimes you want to glance over and see how much time is left without having to ask the device verbally.

This seems like a very simple feature for the timer developer to add.


How about a little countdown clock in his eye.

I know we are keeping is personality front and center, but his should be an improved version of what we invision as personality and persona. And if that includes the ability to have a running countdown clock visible in the center of his eye if a timer is running then great! Likewise if an alarm is set, it would be nice if there were an alarm icon in his eye. The eye should still be able to move and blink as usual.


How about something minimal like this while Jibo’s in timer mode:

If a skill needed more precision timing, it could instead show like this:

This would model the Simple Timer skill which could be used by any third-party skill with a basic set of options.