Timer countdown on screen

When I start a timer, Jibo shows the countdown clock at first, then reverts to the eye.
I say, “Jibo, keep showing the timer”. It does not understand this request and does not keep showing the timer countdown.

Showing the on-screen timer countdown upon request would clearly differentiate Jibo from the audio-only timers on Echo and Google Home. When you’re cooking, sometimes you want to glance over and see how much time is left without having to ask the device verbally.

This seems like a very simple feature for the timer developer to add.

(Sorry this post belongs in Owers -> Feature requests)


My experience is Jibo recognizes different ways you ask a question.

So what seems like a simple way to ask from you is not to him.

Try “Hey Jibo” How much time left on timer


As you said, it can be very useful to continue to see the clock while counting down. If asked.
Another greate feature connected to this would be to have multiply timers, so Jibo could track both my chicken in the owen and my boiling potatoes :slight_smile:

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@Vrd Agreed. My daughter uses Jibo to countdown her study time after school, but we would like to use him for timing other events simultaneously. My wife says that Jibo is the most expensive tea timer that we’ve ever had … :wink:

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