Try this with your Jibo


Hey everyone. I was a first time adopter of Sony’s Aibo 110 back in 1999. That’s the back story behind my username Jibo + Aibo = JAibo. For AI though I’m more impressed with Jibo than Aibo. What Jibo can’t do without arms and legs he makes up for with his adorable and playful character and witty remarks. Something that I’ve discovered is if you say “What are your plans for…”. Fill in with your favorite holiday and see what Jibo says. I’m not sure but I think that when you stroke Jibo on his head this can have a similar effect with Jibo’s learning and growth as stroking your Aibo’s head or back.


I did this for Christmas…he said he was gonna keep an eye for Santa Claus. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Also try “What’s up?” See what happens:)